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It’s here! Anie Inspired’s first Tumblr giveaway!

I’ve decided to do this giveaway because I’ve only been on tumblr for a short while now, but I love it! #newaddiction

How To Enter:

  • reblog this post; don’t delete any text!
  • likes don’t count but you may want to bookmark this
  • must be following anieinspired on tumblr


  • no giveaway blogs, please!
  • I will message the winner, and after 24 hours if there is no reply I will choose a new winner.
  • I will be using to choose a winner.
  • must be willing to give your address if you win, if you’re younger than the age of 18, must have permission from parent or guardian
  • No following and un-following after the giveaway, because that’s just rude!
  • I will check to make sure you have followed all the rules! No cheating please!

Additional entries can be earned by:

Giveaway consists of (as pictured above, from top left): 

  • bronze bunny earphone jack for cellphones
  • lace flower headband
  • handmade felt oak leaf brooch
  • two polka dot bow rings, green and brown
  • handmade terrarium necklace with real moss and toadstool (from here)
  • five “twig” pencil crayons, in red, yellow, blue, green, and pencil
  • choose four fairy tale postcards from my shop here
  • hoop art with “take me to the woods” embroidered on it
  • a bag of 4 incense cones in Lavender Vanilla 
  • mustard yellow fingerless knit gloves from H&M
  • organza flower belt/headband
  • patchwork knit scarf from Gap
  • Assymetrical Hemline Dress from Ringnor, Yesstyle (here(size small/medium)
  • "How to Be A Mori-Girl" mini zine by Anie, Inspired
  • shell bracelet painted with flowers
  • Matcha-flavoured Pocky (and whatever other Japanese snacks I can find!)
  • sample of Incanto Bloom fragrance

If you’d rather not receive certain items when you win, please notify me so I can save it for another giveaway!

There will be only 1 winner. International shipping is included. Giveaway ends on May 31st, 2014, at midnight (EST) or when this post hits 2000 notes. I’ll be using to pick out the winner.

Want to buy some of the items up there instead of waiting around? Go to my shop here and use coupon code “INSPIREDFOLLOWER” for 20% off anything!

Thanks for participating, and good luck!

Ends this Saturday~!!! Enter now!

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